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Spread Your word in Your marketplace. Our Management Consulting Agency offers exclusive Content Development, Marketing and Analysis.

Who Are We

On Imaginative is a Management Consulting Agency from Kolkata, India. We are a team of specialists having a deep knowledge of marketing, social media and internet technology. Marketing is about preparing your product for the marketplace and, advertising is spreading the word to influence Your prospects. Digital marketing is all about preparing your product or service for the online marketplace.

Our Mission

People buy on emotions and justify with facts. They buy for why you do it.  We design the final architecture, implementation and management of the marketing plan, including advising and using various technologies to improve the marketing and business results. Our experienced Web Designer and Graphic Designer offer Digital Marketing services to improve Your Website Speed, Domain Authority (DA) and Click-through rate (CTR).

What We Do

We optimize the utility of digital technologies to raise the brand awareness, the extent to which customers and the general public are familiar with and recognize a particular brand. Branding is a “pull” strategy. If you create enough value for a product or a brand, then the customers will come to buy the product themselves. They will choose the product above competitors because they see more value in the product.

3-C Practices of Our Management Consulting Agency

Content Development 1

Content Development

In the context of inbound marketing, Content is King. Web content development is the process of creating content for digital marketing. It involves gathering information, analyzing topics, strategizing, writing, optimizing, publishing, and reviewing.

Graphic designing is one of the important tools that aims to captivate the target audience. Graphic designing with the sole purpose of getting likes, shares and clicks won’t mean much if the people who are liking, sharing, and clicking have no intention of becoming Your Customers. We design content keeping Your Community of Engaged Customers in mind.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

It is a strategic long-term marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to manage a brand’s visibility and trust.

Social media management is one of the important content marketing tools that aims to build relationships. It involves coordination with the copywriters, graphic designers, and social media executives responsible for social listening, responding, and analyzing.

Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Analysis is the study of content for development and marketing purposes. Patterns of the communications is analysed to find the effects on its purpose. It can be both quantitative (focused on counting and measuring) and qualitative (focused on interpreting and understanding).

Quantitative Analysis – Analyze by crawling, scraping information off each page, and filtering or grouping that information to look for patterns give more objectively sample content for qualitative review.

Qualitative Analysis – Review content with evaluating tone, persuasiveness, alignment with business needs, and deciding how content should be transformed uncover hypotheses that can then be tested broadly quantitatively.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer engaging articles for your designated project. Our content writing services draw the customer’s attention towards the content and keep them engaged.

With the growing demand for ebooks, publishers and independent authors are looking forward to selling their ebooks. We offer outstanding ebook conversion services.

We offer quality backlinks through link-building activities including manual outreach, guest blogging among other tactics.

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